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This is a Concert Grand (CG) size with a 25.4" (-254) scale. It also has an enhanced depth (-ED) body for greater volume. The quilted Honduran Mahogany is a beautiful visual compliment to the Master Grade Western Red Cedar top, but the visual attributes of the instrument don't compare to the great voice, according to the owner. The sound is defined, sustaining and warm. The owner plays this guitar regularly in several bands, but also does occasional studio work, and this guitar is always the producer's choice.

cedarquiltedmahoganycgbody_small.jpg cedarquiltedmahoganycgbody2_small.jpg cedarquiltedmahoganycgbody3_small.jpg
cedarquiltedmahoganycgbody4_small.jpg cedarquiltedmahoganycgbody5_small.jpg cedarquiltedmahoganycgbody6_small.jpg
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