J. Rod McClellan

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Handmade Instruments Built For The Musician
W11530 County Road C, Hancock,WI 54943 Voice:(715)249-5777
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What Do I Do?






I also must tell you that I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ, believing that He alone makes it possible for me to know my Creator and be what I was created to be.  I believe that God alone has brought about all the circumstances of my life to this end, and that is why I build musical instruments: because He inspires me to it today. Like all other human beings, I don't know what tomorrow holds. I am, however, convinced by the sheer weight of personal evidence that He does, and that I need not fear or fret. I gladly give Him alone the thanks for any success I have in satisfying the needs of others by doing this thing He put in me to do.  I'm never sure when I play or build whether I do it more for others or for myself.  I love to do it, and others seems to love that I do.  Go figure.  He is a mighty God and Savior.  Thank you Jesus.

If you don't know Jesus or understand who He is and what He did, please contact me and we can talk about it. If we all lived our lives as Jesus lived His, we wouldn't be longing for a kingdom where peace and love would reign supreme. We'd be in one now. That's why I'm a disciple of His: He is the only One worth following and giving up our lives to. He's the only One Who holds out a certain hope that I can be different and life can be different than what we now see and experience. He can truly save anyone who would come and be changed. I yearn to be like Him, and I put all my hope in the grace of God and the power of His Spirit to change me and bring me into the kingdom of the Son He loves. I pray that this is your hope also. I'm looking forward to sharing an eternity with others who have come to know and love Him above everything else.