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This guitar was built to be the main guitar used for worship music at my friend's ministry in British Columbia, Canada. The 25.4" (-254) scale means a little more tension on the strings, thus, a little more power in the activation of the top. The drednaught (D) body sytle is well suited to the rhythm strumming that often accompanies group singing. The enhanced depth (-ED) body contributes more volume and a broader dynamic range. The beautifully complex, warm and well-balanced voice of this guitar is certainly the result of the excellent coupling of beautiful woods - Kermodie Spruce and Bubble Quilted Mahogany; a beauty matched only by the Spirit of the One Who created them.

sprucequiltedmahoganyd254ed_small.jpg sprucequiltedmahoganyd254ed2_small.jpg sprucequiltedmahoganyd254ed3_small.jpg
sprucequiltedmahoganyd254ed4_small.jpg sprucequiltedmahoganyd254ed5_small.jpg sprucequiltedmahoganyd254ed6_small.jpg
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