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This guitar was built to replace an aging and failing 35 yr old Guild blond drednaught. The shorter 24.75" scale (-247) was chosen to accommodate player comfort. The choice of woods was based on the Guild, with the exception of the Ebony wood binding. The enhanced depth version (-ED) was chosen to offset the loss in volume and dynamic range which tends to result from a short scale. This is because the shorter scale results in less string tension, thus less energy to activate the top. The owner is so happy with the result that he says he can play things he never could play before. That's a wonderful thing for a luthier to hear, and I'm thankful it worked out that way. Although the sound of a drednaught is not my favorite guitar voice, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the sound of this one. It is very tonally complex and fingerpicks very well across the scale. It's strumming voice is full and balanced, with a slightly dark character that I didn't expect from a maple guitar, though I was intentionally trying to move the voice in that direction.

sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed2_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed3_small.jpg
sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed4_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed5_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed6_small.jpg
sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed7_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed8_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed9_small.jpg
sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed10_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed11_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed12_small.jpg
sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed13_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed14_small.jpg sprucemapledrednaughtmodelcg247ed15_small.jpg

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