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The bouzouki (BZ), also known as an octave mandolin and closely related to the cittern and mondola, is heard in many types of ethnic folk music. My friend, Mike, plays lots of instruments, including bagpipes, and after playing his sister's bouzouki, he was in love with it and wanted one. Although I'd never built a bouzouki, I was able to consult with others who had, and came up with this instrument. It's a very customized version, with some fretboard inlay only suitable for Dr. Mike P. Mike and I determined the look he was going for and here is the result. The Master Grade Western Red Cedar top gives this instrument a wonderful voice. A mahogany/maple laminated neck with ebony fretboard are combined to make the neck of this 25.25" (-2525) scale length version. Spalted Maple can be a bit tricky to work with, but that wasn't the case with this material. The tone is very clean, distinct and complex.

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